Battle Cry!

Imagine a weapon insidiously engineered, crafted with evil precision and calculated for maximum collateral damage. That’s heroin. And it is programmed to steal, kill, and destroy. Sound familiar? That’s because steal, kill, destroy is the gleeful, hateful mantra of our archenemy, the mastermind of the soul-scorching, life-shattering H-bomb. At Life … Continue reading

Home Free

Seeing Jetson diligently and cheerfully going about his daily work at the Life Challenge Detroit campus, you would never guess that he had been imprisoned for nearly 40 years. It wasn’t notorious Jackson prison he was in, but one far worse, sinister beyond compare. One where he was locked up, … Continue reading

Heroin Highway

There is a drug epidemic in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan! Every time you turn on the news there are stories about the steep increases in heroin and opioid use, overdose deaths, drug trafficking and related crime in cities, suburbs and rural areas, destroying individual lives, families and communities. The I-75 … Continue reading

Street Light

  How did Stacey Foster go from drug dealer on the streets to pastor of a church and chief chaplain of the Detroit Police? God used a bridge called Life Challenge. His mom was a nominal Christian, but it was dad’s way–hustler, gambler, street guy–that drew Stacey. He worked at … Continue reading