A Phased Approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Residents progress through four 3-month phases during the course of one year of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They are awarded certificates as they advance through each level of recovery classes. Upon successful completion of the program, they are recognized as graduates.

ATC|LCM provides wrap-around services to meet the needs of every person in addiction recovery. Our multi-phased approach is holistic, serving the mind, the body and the spirit.

Our programming and services include:

  • One-on-one, group, and family counseling
  • Daily classes
  • Daily chapel services
  • Outreach and community service
  • Mentoring program
  • Celebrate Recovery (12-step recovery support group) for drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Telehealth services for mental health and medical issues
  • Work duties
  • Instruction in personal finances, resume writing, and interview skills
  • Recreational activities and events

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“Our aim is to offer a holistic program designed to meet the needs of the mind, body, and spirit of residents on their recovery journey.”

Luke BonzelaarDetroit Campus Director
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