Some people’s legacies are written on monuments. Yours can be written on lives.

Kingdom Giving

We are always grateful for and depend upon the giving that meets our present needs, those gifts that are given and can be received right now. But did you know that there are also creative, thoughtful ways you can support the kingdom causes you care about even long after you have passed into eternity? Such gifts are called legacy gifts or planned charitable gifts. Legacy gifts are special ways in which you, your loved ones and Life Challenge can all benefit.

Planned Gifts Simply Defined

The process of planned giving (or estate planning) should do three things:

  1. Express God’s plan for stewardship
  2. Effectively transfer the assets with which God has entrusted you to individuals and charitable beneficiaries of your choice
  3. Transfer your estate in a tax-efficient way with as little heartache, cost, and delay as possible

Planned giving is a testament that affirms not only how your estate will be distributed, but also what kind of a legacy you will leave behind. Here are some of the ways that people can leave a legacy gift:

  • Gifts by Will
  • Living Trust Gifts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Charitable Income Gifts

To learn more we recommend connecting with John Loveland, a licensed financial advisor. He has many years of experience in estate and gift planning. He can work with you to explain the many gift opportunities available and the financial advantages of each.

Become A Legacy Lion

Legacy Lions are donors who have expressed their commitment by naming Life Challenge as the beneficiary of a planned gift, or by giving a Right Now gift valued at $2,500 or more. Right Now gifts include gifts of cash, real estate or gifts of other personal property such as vehicles, computer equipment, etc.