Life Challenge can accept no financial support from federal, state or local governments because we are a faith-based ministry founded in the belief that only a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ can truly set men and women free from addiction. Our support comes entirely from donations and from a nominal entry fee.

This option allows you to make a one-time or recurring donation.

This option is a one-year commitment that allows you to connect personally with a student. You can sign up to sponsor a student with a one time annual payment, or an automatic monthly recurring payment. Program details will be mailed to you when you sign up.

If you have been accepted into the program and you wish to pay your induction fees online, please select this option. Unless special arrangements have been made, you must pay $1,200 in full. This is a non-refundable fee and the induction fee is not tax-deductible.

Funds may be deposited directly into the personal accounts of accepted and current residents to pay for personal needs, transportation fees, or approved discretionary purchases while residents are in the program. These funds are not tax-deductible.