I started using and selling drugs at 14. Marijuana, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, pills. I was addicted to not only the drugs but the money and the selfish, prideful lifestyle. I was introduced to heroin and turned into someone I didn’t know or like, taking advantage of everyone, even loved ones. … Continue reading


My sixteen years of heroin addiction were driven by one thing: self. I lived to satisfy myself only. Even my mindset about Jesus was motivated by self-gratification, and worrying about ME always seemed to get in the way. I knew I could not continue to live the way I was … Continue reading


I was homeless, living under bridges, in the woods and abandoned buildings. I was in despair, with no hope and no desire to live. I had lost everything that mattered: my wife, my children, my dignity. Crack cocaine and alcohol consumed me day and night. I was panhandling near a … Continue reading


I was living a self-destructive lifestyle of drugs, depression, and despair. I was in and out of jail, another hopeless felon caught in the vicious cycle of the court system, destined to spend my life incarcerated. After my last jail time, I was facing prison time and was released to … Continue reading

Wendell W.

I was a pastor in a small town, and over time I became discouraged and wandered away from the Christian life. I found myself in rebellion, ashamed, miserable, and wallowing in sins that were crippling me. My life had become a rollercoaster and I wanted off, wanted to get right … Continue reading

Casey K.

I had been depressed for years and lived very carelessly. I cared about other people, just never myself. I didn’t like myself at all. So I drank whenever I could and started using cocaine at a young age. I knew that God was real and was pursuing me, but from … Continue reading


I used to live purely for my own pleasure, not caring what the cost was or who I was hurting. Whether it drugs, alcohol or sex, I did whatever I wanted, thinking only of myself. I went from smoking weed in the living room to doing hardcore drugs with random … Continue reading


It all started when I was 19. First I began using drugs, then I moved on to making and selling drugs as well. Somehow, I thought that lifestyle made me more attractive, physically and socially. When I began using needles to shoot up, everything started falling apart. I knew if … Continue reading


I was living a dark, double life. I was a ministry leader and part of the worship band at my church. On the outside everything looked fine, but any real relationship with Christ was nonexistent. Secretly, I had sunk to the lowest of lows: suffering from depression, taking anxiety medications, … Continue reading