I was very depressed from my childhood, so to ease the pain I used drugs every day for 16 years. I didn’t care about anyone but myself. I joined the military and moved away but nothing helped. I tried to commit suicide five times. Continue reading


My addiction started when I was in a serious head-on car accident and broke my neck. I was prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers and eventually started taking anything I could get my hands on. When pills weren’t enough, I started selling the pills for heroin, and then went on … Continue reading


I always felt like I was not worth much to anyone and didn’t deserve anything good. I was addicted to drugs and dangerous living. I felt like I couldn’t change even when I tried and nothing could get me to stop. I didn’t want to live. Continue reading


I started using and selling drugs at 14. Marijuana, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, pills. I was addicted to not only the drugs but the money and the selfish, prideful lifestyle. I was introduced to heroin and turned into someone I didn’t know or like, taking advantage of everyone, even loved ones. … Continue reading


My sixteen years of heroin addiction were driven by one thing: self. I lived to satisfy myself only. Even my mindset about Jesus was motivated by self-gratification, and worrying about ME always seemed to get in the way. I knew I could not continue to live the way I was … Continue reading


I was homeless, living under bridges, in the woods and abandoned buildings. I was in despair, with no hope and no desire to live. I had lost everything that mattered: my wife, my children, my dignity. Crack cocaine and alcohol consumed me day and night. I was panhandling near a … Continue reading


I was living a self-destructive lifestyle of drugs, depression, and despair. I was in and out of jail, another hopeless felon caught in the vicious cycle of the court system, destined to spend my life incarcerated. After my last jail time, I was facing prison time and was released to … Continue reading