Anthony’s Story

I always felt a huge void in my life that I tried to fill with drugs. I thought I could control my use, but eventually I ended up homeless and addicted. I had accepted Christ but was still struggling with drug use. It felt like everything was falling apart but … Continue reading

Ines’ Story

I lived a very dark and lonely life, always being abused and betrayed by the men I thought loved me. I would contemplate suicide and self-harm daily. I was a severe alcoholic and a heavy drug user. I was facing prison time for a crime I was not guilty of. … Continue reading

Cortney’s Story

CORTNEY’S STORY I lived my life trying to fill the emptiness inside. Anything so I didn’t have to feel. I was homeless for a year. I was in a physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive relationship. I felt unworthy of love, rejected and never good enough. I was a hopeless failure, … Continue reading

Robert’s Story

ROBERT’S STORY I was living aimlessly and without hope. My mind was always filled with depression and self-pity. Due to my drug use, I lost my job and my residence. I had nowhere to turn, when my faithful parents suggested Life Challenge. They had heard about the program from someone … Continue reading

Andrea’s Story

I was a fugitive on the run living life to the extreme. The only thing I saw in my path were broken pieces created by 15 years of heroin. I created storms searching for answers I couldn’t find. I felt lost, helpless, living in darkness. Once again, I found myself … Continue reading


What was supposed to be the happiest time of life came to a crashing halt when the doctor informed me that the little girl I was pregnant with would never take her first breath. This left a gaping hole inside me that I tried to fill, and eventually led to … Continue reading


I always blamed God for the bad things that happened to me growing up. As an adult I developed an actual hatred for God after my son died in his sleep one night from SIDS. My anger and grief led me to drug addiction and a lifestyle of criminal activity … Continue reading