What was supposed to be the happiest time of life came to a crashing halt when the doctor informed me that the little girl I was pregnant with would never take her first breath. This left a gaping hole inside me that I tried to fill, and eventually led to … Continue reading


I always blamed God for the bad things that happened to me growing up. As an adult I developed an actual hatred for God after my son died in his sleep one night from SIDS. My anger and grief led me to drug addiction and a lifestyle of criminal activity … Continue reading


I was the worst of all sinners, consumed by the desire to please my flesh. My gods were drugs, lust, greed, anger and pride. Rebelling against God, I glorified a party lifestyle and enticed many to join my debauchery.


I was very depressed from my childhood, so to ease the pain I used drugs every day for 16 years. I didn’t care about anyone but myself. I joined the military and moved away but nothing helped. I tried to commit suicide five times.


I grew up in a Christian family but my parents divorced when I was 8. I was rebellious, had no accountability, and did what I wanted. That lifestyle brought nothing but destruction and turmoil.


It used to be a way of life to put myself first before everything and everyone. As a surgical medical assistant I had access to prescription drugs. I started taking pain meds at 23 and it took no time at all to become dependent.


My addiction started when I was in a serious head-on car accident and broke my neck. I was prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers and eventually started taking anything I could get my hands on. When pills weren’t enough, I started selling the pills for heroin, and then went on … Continue reading


I always felt like I was not worth much to anyone and didn’t deserve anything good. I was addicted to drugs and dangerous living. I felt like I couldn’t change even when I tried and nothing could get me to stop. I didn’t want to live.


All my life I was looking for something to fill the void. I tried a multitude of so-called ‘solutions’ such as the military, college, sports, work and worst of all: drugs.