God-Esteem: The Root of Mental & Emotional Health

“The most common remedy for most behavioral and mental disorders today is some form of self-worth enhancement. It pervades our educational institutions, the psychotherapeutic and counseling system, the personnel and motivational industry, advertising, and even the church.” (John Piper) The line goes: We act in harmony with our self-portrait. Behaviors flow out of … Continue reading


Think of some of the major innovations we have witnessed over the last 50 years:    Microwaves    ATMs    Smart cars, phones and homes    Personal computers    Xbox, PlayStation and Wii (remember Atari?)    MP3 players and iPods    Laser and robotic surgery    Online shopping and banking … Continue reading

What’s Your AQ?

There are various factors responsible for a man’s or woman’s success. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is one ingredient. EQ (Emotional Quotient)—a social skill which includes self-awareness, perceptiveness, and empathy—is another. There are, in fact, several “intelligences” necessary for a fruitful and prosperous life: FQ (Financial Quotient) MQ (Moral Quotient) PQ (Practical Quotient) … Continue reading