Communal Exorcism

I have been accused of many things. – Ice cream connoisseur: Guilty! – Hopeless Detroit Lions fan: Guilty! – Klutzy: Guilty! – Quirky sense of humor: Guilty! – Germaphobe (even before Covid): Guilty! – Technologically challenged: Guilty! – Mechanically challenged: Guilty! – Fashion challenged: Guilty! (My hardest decision of the… Continue reading

Kissing Lepers*

Social distancing. I get it. I’m on board. But boy, it’s difficult. I’m a “touchy-feely-kind-of-guy.” I like contact. A little skin on skin. It feels awkward and downright disrespectful when meeting with family, friends, and strangers to not even so much as extend a handshake (air fist pumps?!). Desperate times… Continue reading

A Confession

I’ve been wrong about so many things. I believed as a kid that hiccups would make me taller and eating spinach would make me stronger (nope! one look at me proves otherwise). I thought fortune cookies came from China (nope! they’re made in America). I thought that bats were blind… Continue reading