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By joining SPONSOR A LIFE, you can make a meaningful personal connection with a resident at one of our campuses and encourage them in their recovery journey. When you sign up, you will receive a photo of your resident and their personal story, a mid-program update, a personal invitation to your resident’s graduation, and the opportunity to write letters of encouragement to your resident and receive correspondence in return. A small monthly gift of $35 can make a big difference in someone’s life! 

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Participating in SAL has meant a great deal to me. It has been impactful because support is very important. It has inspired me to respond in a timely manner. I have received immeasurable encouragement from my sponsors. They have helped brighten my days here.”
Jessica (Feb. ’21 graduate, incoming intern Detroit campus)

“Our family has enjoyed being a sponsor this past year. It has been rewarding sending letters back and forth to our sponsored resident, who happens to be great at writing enjoyable letters to my daughter, age 11. Being a sponsor has allowed us to have some real-life conversations with our children about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as ministering and helping those in need of restoration. It has been a pleasure to hear how Jessica is progressing through the program and we look forward to celebrating with her at her upcoming graduation.”Michele (SAL sponsor of Jessica)

“Addiction has the power to shatter family bonds and relationships, but God is working through Life Challenge to repair and restore unbreakable bonds rooted in Him!  By supporting LC and their SAL program, I am able to see and hear about prayers answered which only increases my faith! My intent was to help and support someone else as God expects us to, but I am the one who is reaping the benefits.  As I receive cards and letters from my SAL partner, I am inspired to do better and it forces me to take a look at the “plank in my own eye!” It is so easy to get bogged down by life’s every day worries and pressures, but by giving a small monthly donation to SAL, I can find comfort in knowing that God is always working and I am excited to see what He does next! – Catherine (SAL sponsor of Jessica)

Join the SAL community! Click here –> SPONSOR A LIFE


“In March 2020, I walked through the doors of Life Challenge just days before Covid closed everything down. I had suffered an epic failure in my life and was addicted to many things. Since being here my life has been totally restored to wholeness. The leadership and staff here have dedicated their time to see my life rebuilt. All praise goes to Jesus. My sponsors have invested their love, prayers and encouragement to stand with me through this season of my life. Thank you SAL!”
– Doug (current resident)

“SAL is an amazing and inspiring program! Being part of it as a sponsor and watching the wonderful transformation, from entry until graduation one year later, has clearly shown me God’s grace and love. Seeing my sponsored residents develop a commitment, first to God and then to sobriety, is a blessing that everyone can experience. Thank you to everyone that contributes their time, effort and sponsorships to make these successes possible.” – Jim (SAL sponsor of Doug)

“We have sponsored a resident for many years because we know of the program’s success in changing lives. We firmly believe this is a more effective program when compared to the secular ones. These results have led to our stronger belief in God’s faith to us as Christians. We are very blessed by this program as we follow the students progress through communicating via mail!” – Russ (SAL sponsor of Doug)

Join the SAL community! Click here –> SPONSOR A LIFE


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the SAL program! I have been so blessed to receive so many encouraging words, prayers and cards from my sponsors. I love updating them with my progress, we share prayer requests and our favorite scriptures. It feels like getting mail from family and has been a powerful source of support for me during this journey.”
Heather C. (current resident)

“In 2015 I found out that there were several individuals that were sponsoring my son, Caleb, in his program.  It gave me hope for my son’s future. When I learned more about SAL I immediately chose to become a part to pay it forward to those who need my constant prayer and support for them. I will always be forever grateful for Teen (Life) Challenge and being an active part of SAL is my privilege. As a side note:  I faithfully pray for the residents I sponsored…Stacey, Lucas, Josephine, Michelle, Sean, Brittney, Robert, Jesse & Heather!  They will continue to be a part of my life!” ❤️ – Rosi (SAL sponsor of Heather & mom of Caleb, 2016 graduate)

“The SAL program is an excellent way to see our giving have a personal impact on the life of someone who is pursuing the Lord in their recovery.  To have an actual person to pray for and correspond with is inspiring.  My faith has increased seeing that nothing is impossible for God, and He is working in the lives of the residents who have put their entire trust in Him.  It’s also been very touching for me to have a sponsored resident tell me she is praying for me.  Unexpected, but such a blessing!  Thank you for the SAL opportunity!” – Angela (SAL sponsor of Heather)

Join the SAL community! Click here –> SPONSOR A LIFE


“The SAL program is a constant reminder to me that I am not alone. I have support from people who do not even know me, and that comes from the love of Christ through His saints. I don’t have much family and I have no family in the Michigan area. Corresponding with my sponsors has really helped encourage me to stay the course and finish what I’ve started.” – James (current resident)

“Being able to be part of a team effort to give support & encouragement to another person changing their direction in life for the best is a privilege.”
– John & Mary (SAL sponsors of James)

“Being part of SAL has helped me to move past my own lack of personal responsibility before the Lord that comes when I simply give a donation. It took me a while, but SAL has been part of moving me from donor, then adding intercessory prayer – and finally adding prayerful interactivity with people in treatment.” – Terry (SAL sponsor of James)

Join the SAL community! Click here –> SPONSOR A LIFE


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  • Rick Cook says:

    I also sponsor James and have the privilege of leading him weekly in our Christ centered recovery meetings every Tuesday at the center. James Is a diligent participant, who loves the Lord with all his heart. I have been involved in volunteering at Life Challenge for many years. I have seen hundreds of life’s changed, through this ministry. They totally rely on the people of God for there support. This is a Holy Spirit inspired ministry that brings hope and healing to the masses.

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