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Irene Calocassides

Man Overboard!

By March 5, 2015March 7th, 2015No Comments

home_showcase_mint_white2life·sav·er   noun \ˈlīf-ˌsā-vər\
: something that saves a person’s life
: something or someone which provides help that is badly needed.  

There is an age-old expression universally recognized by those of a sailing, seafaring or boating lifestyle. If a person has fallen from boat or ship into the water and is in need of rescue, man overboard! will ring out across the vessel. It is less a cry for help as it is an imperative call to action. It is the alarm that, once raised, should cause everyone at hand to stop what they are doing and start the rescue protocol.

Imagine the scenario: howling winds, swelling waves, then a loud, clear shout, man overboard! (‘man’ here meaning ‘person’). The one who saw the victim maintains visual contact, pointing continuously to aid the helmsman in approaching the casualty. Whatever marker and flotation equipment is at hand is thrown, GPS and radio alerts are triggered. It is an urgency of purpose and unity of effort so that by whatever means necessary, the person in peril is saved.

It is important to note that the crew never stops to question whether the person in need of help is worthy of rescue. Whether it was perhaps even their own failures or poor choices which led to floundering in the deep, their life in danger. Nor is the trouble or cost debated and calculated before throwing a lifeline. Only one thing matters: rescue the one who needs it!

Rescue. It was what Jesus did during His earthly ministry and it is what He calls us to carry out now in His Name. His stated purpose was to seek and save that which was lost. Certainly, God deems every soul worth rescuing and is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

At Life Challenge, our mission–our stated purpose–is to bring hope, help and healing through Jesus Christ to those who struggle with addiction. But our goal is more than rehabilitation, helping men and women get clean and sober. We endeavor to help broken people turn from their self-destructive ways and put their faith in God. To that end, we offer a highly structured environment emphasizing spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, and service in the context of Christian community. Our aim for all is new life in Christ; to show them, through words, deeds and example, the reality of the Redeemer. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help.

Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help. (Proverbs 24:11)

Man overboard! Scores of them, men and women, young and old, from every walk of life. This day, we send out a clarion call and ask that you help us carry out the mission of the Savior to rescue them, in a very practical and personal way, through Sponsor A Student.

As a faith-based program, Life Challenge receives no federal or state support in any form. We rely solely on the generous gifts of individual donors, churches, charities and businesses. The cost of the one-year residential program per student is approximately $12,000; however we require only a nominal induction fee.

For a commitment of only $35 a month, you can become a sponsor for a student currently in residence at Life Challenge. As a valued part of the Sponsor A Student program, you will receive a photo and personal testimony of your sponsored student to remind you to pray for them daily. Just knowing that you hold them in prayer will be a tremendous blessing to your student. You may also write to encourage your student. We will send you periodic reports of your student’s progress through the program so you know how they are doing. When he or she completes the one-year course of studies, sponsors receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony.

Your sponsorship of $35 a month will go toward overall program expenses including education, room, board, and other services. These program costs far exceed the small entry fee we require. Without your generous support, Life Challenge would be unable to provide these services.

When you decide to Sponsor A Student, you are joining our crew, a most welcome partner as together we throw out a lifeline in the name of Christ!

Sponsoring a student is easy: simply click here.

For those who are already on board with Sponsor A Student, we are so grateful for your support! Please pass this along to someone who may prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor as well.

And for those who have heard the call for help and are ready to join our crew and become a sponsor, we say a wholehearted thank you! You’re a real lifesaver.


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