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A Tribute to Love

By March 13, 2016No Comments

Read Sandra’s beautiful words honoring her husband Tim in this poem:


This man I love, so dear to me
ever-flowing gifts spread abundantly.
A ray of light glistening so bright,
we cherished you being so dear in our life.
To laugh & to play, to jam & to sing,
with music he offered to worship The King.
Feasts in abundance, sculptures abound,
we always made the beat to our own sound.
A love story true, deep rooted with hope,
hand in hand we embraced & never let go.
Our walk in Faith – so rich & so true,
will you please take a glimpse… yes, we welcome you!
The birth of our sons – brought blessings abound
Tristan & Declan, the tender beat of his heart.
Time together so rich, abundant & pure,
teaching wisdom, & manners & God’s Holy Word.
Quality time a must, seeing them smile
always made our heart blessed, parents be proud.
The stories he told & created his own,
the tales of Decklees & Glistenen would brighten your sole.
Smiles & laughs, we all took a turn,
creative & playful, we cherished his word.

United as 4… with 2 furry friends,
St. Peter Strong just encompasses it best.
Our joy supercedes any struggles we shared,
have mercy on me, I’m always there.
A pillar of strength, a ray of hope,
The Lord brought you home & for this we will mourn.
Rise up now my loves, we will meet again…
God will call you home to see me my friend.
Young & compassionate – abundant with grace,
Best hugs & kisses with tender embrace…
Timothy, My Love & Soulmate & Father So Great
We bid you farewell into Heaven’s Holy Gates!
Jesus welcomes you there, I’m proud of you Son
live here & be free, & share your talents so great!
To Heaven you go, but not far away,
close in our hearts, Together we Pray!

Sandra, loving wife
In honor of Tristan & Declan beloved sons
Roux & Jasmine caring dogs

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