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Dr. Jeff Bonzelaar

A Walk That Can’t Wait!

By August 17, 2016August 19th, 2016One Comment

pain_originalAnother young man dead. Twenty-one years of age. Drug overdose.

Another family reeling in pain. A mom and dad mourning the loss of their son. Sisters grieving for their brother. Another community in the Detroit area hit last month. Norman Rockwell-like Clarkston, MI, to be specific. He was in our program for a short time. Wanted to do right. Tried to do right. But made a few bad choices which cost him . . . and all of us . . . dearly.

Luke is more than another statistic. He had a face. A name. A warm personality. Luke loved to fish and play his guitar. Had lots of energy. Talented. Gone.

We have a crisis on our hands—a crisis which is not in some faraway land but right in our own backyard. In fact, right in our own living room.

Drugs is not a respecter of persons. Race, economics, educational background, and religious history mean nothing. Heroin and other opiates, along with prescription pain medications, are killing too many of our best and brightest.

One is too many. Thousands* unconscionable.

We have to do something.

On August 27 we are hosting a rally-walk at our Detroit campus. This is not a protest. This is not a demonstration. It is a gathering. A time of mobilization.

We are hoping that hundreds of people—young and old, black and white, religious, irreligious and anti-religious—come out and join with us. Our goal is to draw attention to this epidemic. To raise further awareness among the media and our public servants. To stir up action . . . holy action.

This is a public health issue. A law enforcement issue. An educational issue. An economic issue.

And it is a spiritual issue. And that’s where we—Life Challenge Ministries—come into play.

This event will provide an opportunity for different people from all walks of life who share at least one thing in common—a growing concern about the drug epidemic we have—to come together. To make a statement. To take a step.

A small step here and a small step there can set into motion a series of events leading to major change. Remember the historic march in 1965 from Selma to Montgomery led by Martin Luther King, Jr.? That humble walk was decisive in paving the way to civil rights for African Americans. One positive action aligned with another positive action and so on creates positive momentum. It did then, and we are believing for the same in a few short weeks.

As children, we learned that it is possible in a topple of only a few dominoes to knock down a final domino that is many times greater than the mass of the first domino. But that can only happen if the dominoes are placed next to each other. By themselves, they do not have such strength. But side by side, their power becomes insurmountable.

So walk with us. We can make a difference. Together.

We have to. The Lukes of this world matter.

Please consider partnering with us financially. We cannot provide the Christ-centered services we do to needy individuals and families without your generous help.
Thank you, and may God bless you!


*Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, with 47,055 lethal drug overdoses in 2014. Opioid addiction is driving this epidemic, with 18,893 overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers, and 10,574 overdose deaths related to heroin in 2014.

One Comment

  • Denise Tononi says:

    My husband and I will be at this rally. We lost our son, James Tononi, to the horrible disease of addition 6 weeks ago, July 13, 2016. He was 25 years old. He had spent the previous 4 months in rehabs, first 30 days in Georgia for detox and inpatient. from there he went to a sober living environment in Encinitas California. He came home to Clinton Township MI on July 12 because he failed a drug test for marijuanna on July 1. He did not want go back to level one, he wanted to come home. He was found dead at the side of a road 1/2 mile from our house 24 hours after coming home. I heard him tell my brother the night he died that he wanted to go to Green Oaks in San Diego and he would call the next day. Green Oaks is similar to Life Challenge. He never made the call, he never made it to see the next day. James had talked early on about going to Green Oaks and we really encouraged him to do so. But he chose a sober living. Our hearts are broken as we suffer this horrific loss of our dear son James. The one shining light in this is that while in California dear Christians friends met with James and took him to Northcoast Church. My friend said he had never seen such a transformation and fullness of God as when James was as this service. I find so much comfort knowing that James’ relationship with the Lord was made deeper and fuller, and that his heart was filled with the Holy Spirit. Though our hearts are broken here on Earth I know James rest in Heavenly peace.
    Denise and Steve Tononi

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