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Dr. Jeff BonzelaarUncategorized

Happiness and Homosexuality

By April 14, 2014March 30th, 20155 Comments


I am against lying.
I am against stealing.
I am against murder.

I am against adultery, drunkenness, abortion, divorce, incest, gambling, gluttony, and gossip.

I am against sex trafficking, sexism, militarism, corporate greed, racial discrimination, and environmental waste.

I am also against homosexuality.

I am against anything and everything that opposes joy . . . sin, in a word. Sin separates from God who alone is the source of all true and lasting joy.

Happiness is ultimately what’s at stake in the homosexuality debate—now and forever. John Piper remarks, “God’s judgment on homosexual and lesbian relationships is not because he is a killjoy, but because he is opposed to what kills joy.” Fullness of joy in Christ is at stake. And fullness of joy will never be found in violating the Creator’s designs.

What does this mean for me?

First, through the power of the Holy Spirit I will seek to live a life that honors God sexually. I am happy-hungry and want more and more of the joy that only comes from walking in obedience to His commands. Thus, I will endeavor to deny myself sexual pleasures forbidden by God while at the same time embracing those that do please Him. Yes, I daily fall short of His standards of holiness, but that does not lessen my resolve to be “perfect as He is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).

Second, I will humbly stand against anything and everything that opposes the joy that God desires for His creatures relative to their sexuality. When someone is in a burning building, love does what it can to rescue that person. To do nothing is the opposite of love. Homosexuality is one such expression of joy-killing, pain-increasing sexual behavior. So action, if I am a loving person, is required.

I can speak up. I can contact my elected officials. I can write a letter to the editor of my newspaper. I can publish my own blog. I can sign a petition. I can work for certain legislation. I can vote my conscience. I can refuse to buy certain products. I can support various organizations and charities. There are a million things I can do. I can’t do everything; but I must do something.

Third, I will endeavor to enter into meaningful relationships with homosexuals. I can eat with them. I can play with them. I can work with them. I can listen to them. I can learn from them. I can love them. Isn’t that what Jesus did?

And last, I can pray. I can pray for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, for those who have given into this temptation and sin, and for the salvation of those who are trapped in a lifestyle that leads to death. I can pray that our society would alter its present course on this issue and never look back. It will be an uphill battle, but our God moves mountains.

I am not against liars.
I am not against thieves.
I am not against murderers.

I am not against addicts, divorcees, gossips, hypocrites, adulterers, drunkards, or gluttons.

And I am not against homosexuals.

I am against whatever stands in opposition to happiness.

“The measure of true love is the pursuit of righteousness in the one loved”– Sam Storms


  • Diane Bryngelson says:

    Amen. Well said. Let us never forget to love people who struggle desperately with this issue. They are a branch of society that most Christians don’t know what to do with. They need our love and prayers perhaps more desperately than most…they need not so much for someone to understand…but to love them and befriend them and be willing to walk along side them. The Holy Spirit will convict…we don’t have to. God help us to let our actions be louder than our words.

  • Thank you Jeff, for such a well articulated article! It is always such an encouragement to hear from other leaders in the body who have determined not to compromise on the Word of God. It is the greatest gift of love we can give to our lost world when we stand firm on the Truth of the Word. Thank you for speaking the Truth in love!

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