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Documentation for Staff

By June 17, 2015No Comments

Hi Directors,

At times we as directors are faced with issues and situations that require documentation. In order to help the staff member and all who make decisions concerning staff (you) we need to document situations that require our intervention. We should document situations where the staff person has done well as and when the staff person has not done so well. This will help us greatly when it comes to evaluations and other matters. This will also help when it comes to any disciplinary actions that need to be taken. So, if you have a situation where you have needed to address staff or find yourself having to address the same issue many times, please document with an incident report for their file. Of course a copy should also go to the Executive Director. It would also help if you would put together a brief action plan to help the person go forward. We can talk about that more if you like.

Thank you for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated!

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