313.531.0111 | There is a major drug crisis in north america

313.531.0111 | 79% of high school students report having tried alcohol or related drugs

313.531.0111 | Call us for help

313.531.0111 | 85 percent of our graduates remain drug free after graduation

313.531.0111 | You can save a life by sponsoring a student

Life Challenge is a one-year, residential rehabilitation center. We provide hope, healing and help through Jesus Christ to people who struggle with drugs and alcohol.
Entering Life Challenge is easy. Just call and make an appointment. You will fill out an application and be interviewed. Once here, we can explain any additional steps that may be necessary.
Want to help? Life Challenge receives no public funding. Our support comes entirely from donations, nominal program fees and from volunteers.
Please consider sponsoring a student. Save a precious life. For just $35 per month you can help to provide classrooms, room, board, and other services for our students.