A Heart For Ministry And A Head For Business

The Mission of the Hamlin Society is to help Life Challenge by developing strategies and tools for charitable gifts that will enable the ministry to serve those bound by addiction in southeastern Michigan now and long into the future.

The Hamlin Society is composed of a special group of men and women who are called to help the ministry meet its long-term financial goals, who recognize the financial needs of the ministry and who have pledged their personal support. The Hamlin Society seeks people with a heart for ministry and a head for business, people who are willing to share their wisdom, their time and their resources to ensure the continued viability of Life Challenge. If you feel so called, there is a link to join the Society at the bottom of this page.

Members are invited to quarterly luncheon meetings to review goals and opportunities. They also receive a quarterly e-newsletter that reports progress toward goals and discusses the financial health of the ministry.

Paul Hamlin and wife, Stephanie

The Hamlin society is named in honor of the late Paul E. Hamlin, a volunteer and staff member at Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan from 1999 to 2007. Those who knew Paul knew him as a leader, a lion, who gave generously of his time and his talent to the cause of Christ. It was through his foresight and leadership that the Life Challenge Endowment was  first established.  The Endowment is a perfect example of the Hamlin Society mission.