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What is Life Challenge?
Life Challenge is a one-year residential Christian growth program for men and women desiring real help in overcoming life-controlling problems such as drug or alcohol dependence as well as other personal challenges that many struggle with.
How do I enter the program?
Just call 313.531.0111. We will guide you through the steps to enter.
Can I leave the program anytime I want to?
You must complete the year in order to graduate, but one may quit and leave the program at any time. However, if a student is probated to us from the court system, we will notify the court of his/her departure.
Are there Teen Challenge programs that do not require a full year?
Yes. There are introduction centers that may vary in length (typically 1-4 months), however the intention is for the individual to complete the one year program at another Teen Challenge.
Are there other Life Challenge locations and how do I find other Life/Teen Challenge programs?
Yes. There are over 300 Life/Teen Challenge programs worldwide and you can go on the internet and begin with for more information.
Does my insurance pay for any expenses?
No. We are a 501 (c)3 charitable organization, and as such do not provide any type of “fee for service”.
Can children come to Life Challenge?
No, State of Michigan statutes do not allow for minors to enroll with us. Contact Teen Ranch at (248) 443-2900 for children under 18.
What type of counseling/therapy do you offer?
We guide our students through Biblical counseling.
Can married couples come to Life Challenge?
While there are strict guidelines, married couples are encouraged to schedule an interview and discuss all your options with the Life Challenge staff.
What local churches do students attend?
Brightmoor Christian Church in Novi, for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening service, and Revival Tabernacle in Highland Park occasionally.
Does Life Challenge provide transportation for the first interview?
No. You need to make arrangements for getting to and from the interview, should a need arise while enrolled in the program we can assist with arrangements for “required” transport of a student.
What is a typical day at Life Challenge like?
Life Challenge is a very scheduled, regimented program. Monday-Friday students begin with chapel at 8:05 a.m. then Classroom Academics followed up with activities such as study hall, community outreach ministries, etc. Evenings usually consist of study hall and group prayer.
Are there any medical requirements before entering the program?
Yes. The only medical requirement is a TB test, which is required by law.
Where can I go to get the required TB test?
If you do not have medical insurance, contact the County Health Department and they can assist you.
Does my health insurance or Medicaid/Medicare cover any costs?
No. We are not a medical facility and we do not accept any public funds.
How do you handle people who are still “detoxing”?
Detox can present serious medical circumstances, if in doubt first seek professional medical guidance and inform your interviewer that you may have concerns about detox.
What if a person is currently taking anti-depressant or psychiatric medications?
Personal medical questions can be addressed confidentially, with your interviewer. Our program works with individuals who are able to interact peaceably with others and function in a “live in” environment.
Can a person enter your program if they might have HIV/AIDS?
Yes. It would require a second interview once medical documentation can be reviewed.
Can a person enter this program if they are pregnant?
No, we cannot accept applicants who are pregnant.
How are you funded?
Predominantly through individuals as well as local churches.
I don’t have anywhere to stay or any money, can I come there?
Every person must come in person to an interview first, you can call (313)-531-0111 to make an appointment.
How much does it cost?
The program costs $1,200 and is due upon entrance. There are no requirements for incidental costs and there are no other fees.
What if I can’t afford $1,200 right away?
This is something you can discuss with the staff member who interviews you.