I lived a life of hopelessness, misery, and depression. My happiness was found in drugs, alcohol, and women. I thought these pastimes would give me satisfaction and fulfillment. I was unaware that I was really searching for Jesus, the only fulfillment there is. Little did I know, I was digging … Continue reading


Although raised in a Christian home, I never had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The world looked more fun, and I rebelled at an early age. My teenage drinking soon turned into a full blown heroin addiction. It wasn’t until my fourth stay in a rehab facility that I … Continue reading

Family Man

Born in Delaware, Maryland, a child of economic privilege and social standing, Bob Carey had all the prerogatives of upper middle class birthright. What should have been an easy ride into the creature comforts of a well-to-do life in the gated suburbs of Baltimore, turned into a pot-holed nightmare. Bob’s addictions … Continue reading