Shandrika Shavers

At an early age I developed feelings of inadequacy.  I was adopted at the age of three.  My life was full of rejection and despair.

In 2006, I graduated from Life Challenge for the first time. I was given the knowledge and skills to do the right things but I didn’t choose to do them.  It didn’t take long before I was back on drugs.  This time it was harder and more destructive.  I became a hopeless heroin addict. I hated who I was and feared being around the people who loved me.  Once again, pride had a hold of me.  I thought the only way out was suicide, but God intervened.

God had never left me and I felt his presence. I re-entered Life Challenge in August 2011, humble and ready to let God heal me.  I completed my restoration in May 2012.  I am now serving as an intern, anxious to give back to the women who are hurting and broken.

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