Patricia Kniffen

Because of a chronic long term illness and in constant pain, I became addicted to prescription medication.  I took vicodin for pain, xanax for anxiety and subsequently three antidepressants as a consequence of severe depression.  But my main addiction for the last 5 years became shopping lifting.  After 5 arrests and probation I ended up in jail with $150 bail which my family would not pay.  I spent 2 weeks there where I refused to eat until my case came before the courts.  My sister had worked with the Life Challenge women and was familiar with the program and made the recommendation to the courts.

Although I went to church I didn’t have a strong relationship with Jesus.  But the fear of God was in me so I decided to enter the Life Challenge program.  Life Challenge taught me about godly sorrow for my sinful life.

I graduated from Monteith College at Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Philosophy majoring in Fine Arts Watercolor. I’ve shown my work in Detroit and New York.  Now I use my gifts for the ministry here in many ways; car wash signs, Redeemed sign (re-sale store), cards, certificates and paintings.

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