Mary McDougal

DSC_6036My life growing up was one that some could only dream of– loving parents, strong bonds with 7 siblings, and lots of relatives and friends. But somewhere down the line, my dream life turned into a nightmare.

The enemy came in the form of a bottle of vodka. He convinced me he could make my life better than it already was. As the days turned into years, I worshipped and craved the enemy even more. I became distant, shameful, guilt-ridden and depressed. My hope was gone. I felt unloved, alone and worthless. On Easter Sunday of 2012, I fell head first down a flight of stairs. My roommate found me lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

God used her to save my life! Now, with a broken spirit and a broken jaw, Christ led me into His forgiving and loving arms. On June 12, I came to Life Challenge. I accepted Christ as my Savior. The Word is now my weapon to overcome the devil’s disguise.

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  1. Mary
    Stumbled upon this article. Sorry to hear of your past problems. So happy to hear you have found yourself and put your life back together. I’ll be pulling for you .

  2. Proud of you Mac

  3. Proud of you Mac.

  4. Mary I am so very Happy for you!

  5. So very happy for you Mary!!!!

  6. Kristy Steward Thomas

    I love you Mary! I am soooo emotionally beside myself because for some reason I have always felt we had this crazy connection. And through Christ it has become unbelievably true! Your an inspiration to me! Please call me or I will HUNT YOU DOWN! Love you! my sister through our Lord and Savior! I miss you!
    Mike has my #

  7. Thanks for sharing Mary ! Christ is the Victory that Overcomes the World ! Blessings to you !

  8. We love you Mary, always have and always will.

  9. Mary I am so proud of you!!! It’s amazing what God can do for us when we surrender to him! I love how God desires to give us favor and give back to us what the enemy steals from us! Can’t wait to hear how the Lord is gonna use you and bless you! Love you Mary!!!

  10. JJanet Fulleranet Fuller

    Blessings to you Mary. Keep up the good fight. God has such wonderful plans for your life.

  11. YAY MARY!!!
    I’m so happy you have your life back and even more.
    I love you!
    Your M sister always

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