I always considered myself to be a thinker. I can remember researching theories that tried to describe the origin, constitution, and meaning of existence. I would approach subjects like science, spirituality and religion with an open mind, though I never looked into Christianity. I was adamantly against the idea of Jesus Christ; I had every excuse in the book to walk away from the subject.

At the age of fourteen I gave in to drugs and alcohol after testing the waters for a few years. Then by the age of fifteen I was partying with marijuana, LSD, alcohol, or opium every day.  Between the ages of fifteen and twenty I was arrested a few times, which destroyed the trust in my relationships. I was always on the move, never living in one place for more than three months. On many occasions I ended up relying on a tent in state forests for shelter.

In October 2010 I moved to my aunt’s house, but within three weeks she said I had to go. She suggested Life Challenge. Much to both of our surprise I blindly accepted. Upon arriving, I felt I had made an enormous mistake. Being flooded with Christianity I felt like a fish out of water. Yet again to my surprise, within the first six weeks I gave Jesus a chance. At Life Challenge, the historicity of Jesus was presented to me. I also saw the passion the staff and students had for Christ; and I heard testimonies of healings and deliverance. With that, I prayed for the first time with these words: “If you are the real deal, you are going to have to slap me upside the head to prove it to me.” No more than a week later, I fell ill. As I laid in my bed feeling dreadful, I called out again, “Here is a great opportunity God.” When I breathed that sentence I instantaneously felt like a million dollars. Ever since, I have been seeking the God of Israel and His Son Jesus Christ.   I have developed a very real relationship with Jesus, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store.

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