Jody Rusk

For much of my life, “true north” on my moral compass was set to society and the things of this world rather than God’s truth.  Drugs and alcohol were just a way for me to try and suppress fear, anxiety and conviction.  Looking back, I realize now that I lacked God’s joy, purpose and direction.

Thanks to God’s grace, I found myself broken and at the doors of Life Challenge.  God used these physical walls, sheltering me from the outside world while at the same time tearing down some long standing emotional ones.  A kind of spiritual greenhouse in effect, God used Life Challenge as a time for healing, building me up in His likeness and forging a relationship rooted in love, built on trust, and cloaked in humility.

Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I now see my sufferings as a gift – bringing maturity, understanding, and growth.  I have an ever increasing awareness of the glory and grandeur of God’s nature as well as the depravity of my own.  To God be the glory!

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