DevinI was living a dark, double life. I was a ministry leader and part of the worship band at my church. On the outside everything looked fine, but any real relationship with Christ was nonexistent. Secretly, I had sunk to the lowest of lows: suffering from depression, taking anxiety medications, trying to find happiness by sexual encounters with strangers, and spending countless hours video gaming.

After several suicide attempts and being kicked out of my parents’ home twice, I knew much more was needed than just becoming clean and moving on. My mother heard about Life Challenge and she knew I was at my wit’s end. When she told me about the program, I chose to come into Life Challenge.

The program has helped me commit my thinking and actions to God and not my selfish desires. My joy now comes from Jesus Christ, and my depression has lifted away. My spiritual life that was dead has now been awakened by His love and forgiveness!

My favorite scripture is 1 Peter 5:7 “…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

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  1. Devin, what a great testimony bro, I pray that god continues to grow and manifest in you. Please know you will be prayed for brother.. stay strong and stay in the word!!

  2. Patricia K. Brouillet

    I so appreciate you honesty and hunger for the things of the Lord now.

  3. Thanks for sharing Devon,,keep on casting ! Only Jesus is worth your total affection !!

  4. Devin, stay strong my friend, the best is yet to be. Keep the faith.

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