Devin Evans

I understood growing up that my family did not have much.  I had feelings of abandonment from my father who I really never knew.  I was angry, disappointed and resentful.  I started selling drugs and quit school.

I learned how to survive on the streets.

Unhappy, I headed to the only other person I knew who  would take me in, my grandmother.  She begged me to go to church but I wouldn’t go until she told me about a girl she wanted me to meet. I still didn’t put down the drugs so my Grandma told me I had to leave. I reached out to my youth pastor for help.

I arrived at Life Challenge feeling out of place. Slowly, I began to understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. I found hope and love. God even healed me of a rare blood disease.

At Life Challenge I completed my GED and graduated in May. I plan to attend college in the fall .  To God be the glory!

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