Not everybody begins life at the starting line. Some begin several laps ahead; others several behind. Alexa is part of the latter group. Born in 1992, Alexa entered the world to a father who, until a paternity test, denied she was his child. Her mother did her best to raise … Continue reading

Devin Evans

I understood growing up that my family did not have much.  I had feelings of abandonment from my father who I really never knew.  I was angry, disappointed and resentful.  I started selling drugs and quit school. I learned how to survive on the streets. Unhappy, I headed to the … Continue reading


I always considered myself to be a thinker. I can remember researching theories that tried to describe the origin, constitution, and meaning of existence. I would approach subjects like science, spirituality and religion with an open mind, though I never looked into Christianity. I was adamantly against the idea of … Continue reading

Teresa Casteel

I grew up in the church, with a strong family and high expectations.  At age eleven, my parents divorced and life as I knew it disappeared.  My new life consisted of rape, pregnancy, foster care, the incarceration of my children’s father, domestic violence, rejection, abandonment and severe drug use. My … Continue reading

Patricia Kniffen

Because of a chronic long term illness and in constant pain, I became addicted to prescription medication.  I took vicodin for pain, xanax for anxiety and subsequently three antidepressants as a consequence of severe depression.  But my main addiction for the last 5 years became shopping lifting.  After 5 arrests … Continue reading

Jody Rusk

For much of my life, “true north” on my moral compass was set to society and the things of this world rather than God’s truth.  Drugs and alcohol were just a way for me to try and suppress fear, anxiety and conviction.  Looking back, I realize now that I lacked … Continue reading

Christopher Mosely

Through fifteen years of drug addition, frustration, despair, grief, and heartache, I was continually tormented with fear.  I was totally sold out to an eternal corruption.  There was a deep cry inside me clouded by the smoke of drugs.  I was living a hard life. My cry began to change … Continue reading

Carl Brune

This is so hard to write because there are so many different chapters in my life where I messed up.  Should I write about the drinking every day after work, the cocaine, cheating on my wife, the prescription pills, the drunken suicide attempt, or the DUI?  How about the last … Continue reading