I grew up in a Christian home and went to church weekly, but I was living as though God did not exist. My choices were selfish – using drugs, alcohol, and relationships to relieve deep seated anger from my past. Exhausted from my rebellious behavior, my parents brought me to … Continue reading


I had a good childhood. All of my material needs were met. Growing up, I thought I knew everything, had everything and needed nothing. I believed in science, in materialism. I called “religious” people crazy. By the age of 16, I was sexually active. I used drugs and alcohol casually. … Continue reading


I always considered myself to be a thinker. I can remember researching theories that tried to describe the origin, constitution, and meaning of existence. I would approach subjects like science, spirituality and religion with an open mind, though I never looked into Christianity. I was adamantly against the idea of … Continue reading

Teresa Casteel

I grew up in the church, with a strong family and high expectations.  At age eleven, my parents divorced and life as I knew it disappeared.  My new life consisted of rape, pregnancy, foster care, the incarceration of my children’s father, domestic violence, rejection, abandonment and severe drug use. My … Continue reading