Casey K.

CaseyI had been depressed for years and lived very carelessly. I cared about other people, just never myself. I didn’t like myself at all. So I drank whenever I could and started using cocaine at a young age. I knew that God was real and was pursuing me, but from the time I was 14 years old, I could never stay sober more than a couple of months.

I ended up wearing a court-ordered  ankle monitor that detected alcohol. But even with that, I couldn’t stop drinking and I failed again. It was then that I promised  the Lord I’d come to Life Challenge  if He helped me, and He did. But instead of coming to LC, I left my job and moved in with my dad  to get sober there. Without knowing about my promise to God, my dad  gave me an ultimatum regarding Life Challenge. That is how the Lord got my attention and I entered the program.

It’s been hard dealing with all of my hurts.  But the Lord has shown Himself to me more in these past couple months than in all my past years. I’m  learning what being loved by Jesus is like and finally learning to love myself.

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  1. Casey,

    Your testimony is real, just like you.
    Difficult things are real too- but Jesus is real-er!
    Depend on him!


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