Carl Brune

This is so hard to write because there are so many different chapters in my life where I messed up.  Should I write about the drinking every day after work, the cocaine, cheating on my wife, the prescription pills, the drunken suicide attempt, or the DUI?  How about the last couple of years of my 23 year marriage that ended in divorce?

I was a good dad, a good provider, but a bad husband.  I was a functioning addict which turned me into a liar.  I was taking vicodines in the morning to function at work, and buying ½ pint of vodka to drink on my way home.  I did this everyday of the last year of my marriage.

I cashed out my 401k and bought a mobile home, paid off my truck which I later lost leaving a heroin house in Detroit.  At the age of 48, I started doing heroin.  Over the next 9 months, I did drugs every day.  My brother stepped in and brought me to Life Challenge.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  It turned out to be the best 14 months and 3 weeks of my life.  I feel so much better about myself.  I can look in the mirror and not feel ashamed or guilty, I’ve been forgiven for the things I’ve done.

I’m finishing up my 6 month internship in January.  I’ve had such a joy in my heart for what I’m doing.  I love serving and putting to work everything I learned.  I can’t wait to see what Jesus has for me next.  I truly love my life in Jesus.

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