Brandon Parks

BrandonSmallI started smoking marijuana with my uncle at the age of 15. I had a hard time finding acceptance and fell into a drug-using crowd at school. Upon graduation, I went into military service and started using cocaine, hallucinogenics, and crack. The whole time I maintained a Christian front, even playing in the church band.

I became deeply depressed. God in his mercy reached down and led me to Life Challenge. While in the program I was able to see how deceived I had actually been and at the same time experience his joy and peace.

It was at Life Challenge that I felt God’s special call on my life. I plan on becoming a worship leader and assistant pastor. At present, I am happily serving as an intern at Life Challenge in the Men’s Division. I hope to assist others in finding Christ and know their own callings to the glory of God forever, amen!

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  1. you done well keep up the great work

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