Success Rate

Can you imagine the Apostle Peter asking Saint Paul, “What is your success rate in Corinth these days?” That question would be about as likely as George Washington asking Thomas Jefferson, “Do you think we should use crypto currency in the United States?” The questions we ask are products of… Continue reading


 Life is about change (and how 2020 reminded us!). from the weather to gas prices, clothing styles to team rosters (can you name one player on the Detroit Tigers?); from morale to mores, popular music hits to holders of public office; from the birth of children (Lori and I are… Continue reading

Communal Exorcism

I have been accused of many things. – Ice cream connoisseur: Guilty! – Hopeless Detroit Lions fan: Guilty! – Klutzy: Guilty! – Quirky sense of humor: Guilty! – Germaphobe (even before Covid): Guilty! – Technologically challenged: Guilty! – Mechanically challenged: Guilty! – Fashion challenged: Guilty! (My hardest decision of the… Continue reading