Course Descriptions – Jeff Bonzelaar

BASIC LIFE PRINCIPLES (also offered at Flint Campus)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to foundational, life-transforming principles taken from God’s Word. These principles, rooted in the character of God, include: developing and maintaining a good conscience, submission to authority, forgiveness and yielding personal rights, and identity in Christ.


This class is built around Rick Warren’s best-selling book, The Purpose Driven Life. As the title suggests, the purpose of this class is to help students discover the answer to one of life’s most important questions: “What on earth am I here for?” By the end of this course, students should know God’s basic five-fold purpose for their lives. Such knowledge leads to peace of mind, increased personal satisfaction, and, most importantly, prepare one for eternity.

BOOK OF GENESIS (also offered at Flint Campus)

The overall purpose of this course is to help students discover who God is, how He acts toward His creation, and how we as humans are to respond to Him. Specific topics addressed include: worldview, creationism vs. evolutionism, image of God, work, marriage, sin, temptation, election, God’s sovereignty, and forgiveness. Further, in keeping with the intent of all Scripture, a Christocentric hermeneutic will be used to show how Jesus is at the very center of His-story (which includes the book of Genesis).


This course examines the various mechanisms, strategies, and consequences of guilt. The intention is to direct the student to the only cure—the grace of God as mediated through Christ Jesus and His work at Calvary. The doctrines of justification and sanctification by faith will be fully explored. Students will learn how “grace-living” provides a new and sure motivation for holy living.


The purpose of this course is to show the morally transforming power of faith in Christ and His Word—specifically, to emancipate human hearts from the servitude of the fleeting pleasures of sin by showing how faith in God’s promises of future grace triumphs over anxiety, pride, shame, impatience, covetousness, bitterness, despondency and lust.


This course is about health—physical, mental and spiritual health. As such, the relationship between each of these areas and the impact they can have on one’s overall wellness is given. In addition, various strategies on how to improve one’s health in each of these areas is made.


A study of the principles of soul winning is conducted. Methods of evangelism and discipleship will be both explored and personally developed. The student should gain an appreciation of the Early Church’s approach in reaching the lost while gaining a greater heart for those outside God’s kingdom.

THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY (also offered at Flint Campus)

This class will study the purpose of marriage, the unique roles of husbands and wives, divorce and remarriage, singleness, dating, child-rearing, and other vital topics as they relate to the Christian family. The intent of this course is to develop a biblical theology as it relates to the practical implications of daily family life.

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