I was filled with anger and self-hatred because I had been sexually abused as a child. I wanted to escape from the horrible memories and my behavior was very self-destructive. I drank alcohol, used drugs, and even cut and burned myself. After years of reckless and hopeless living, I ended … Continue reading


I lived in a state of constant frenzy, chasing after drugs, alcohol, women, and other sinful pursuits, struggling to fill the void in my heart. I tried every “quick fix” I could think of only to find myself feeling emptier than before. Even in this cycle of sin, I prayed … Continue reading


Abandoned by my family as a young girl, I was determined never to count on anyone else in my life ever again, especially Jesus. Instead, I turned to drugs and alcohol. It led to a life of emptiness, crime and incarceration. In jail one morning, I awoke to find my … Continue reading


I lived a life of hopelessness, misery, and depression. My happiness was found in drugs, alcohol, and women. I thought these pastimes would give me satisfaction and fulfillment. I was unaware that I was really searching for Jesus, the only fulfillment there is. Little did I know, I was digging … Continue reading


I grew up in a Christian home and went to church weekly, but I was living as though God did not exist. My choices were selfish – using drugs, alcohol, and relationships to relieve deep seated anger from my past. Exhausted from my rebellious behavior, my parents brought me to … Continue reading